Friday, June 6, 2014

The Birth Process of an Art Piece


That will be the title of my next piece.  It will be an assemblage of antique shipping molds from England, rusted metal, found objects of various and sundry places, and the basic format and style will be African tribal.  
This is an unusual start for me.  Usually the title comes last, but as I am an intuitive artist I go where the piece leads me. Everyday I think about the piece more forms in my mind and I hunt for the objects that are seeking their way to me.  Yesterday walking through a lumber yard here in Asheville and I found a smashed rusted metal basket that may find its way into the piece.  I also found a worn tag, that was sun aged and weather worn the seemed to call to me.  

The collection starts

antique gas mask

Adding bit by bit to the studio pile, lots to choose froml

Copper part from a solar roof panel

Antique English Ship making mold
African Fetish Sculpture in Montreal, Museum 
The tribal piece above and others will act as a guide to the assemblage I am in the process of designing. If you look closely you will see, old nails, and bits of found metal.  One area I love in the rectangle in the center where an image can go.  I am not thinking at this point of a whole body figure, but more of a bust.  We will see where the process of creation takes me though.

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