Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Biggest Art Work in the World

It is called the Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam

It is Arno Coenen's Horn of Plenty

Arno  Coenen's Horn of Plenty

Pixar Studio's worked with Coenen to create an image sharp enough to create 4,000 tile pieces. Two full soccer fields!  Ii is reminiscent of Rosenquist three football length studio.  His images were bright and sections of visual images, but all painted by hand.  Now our times progress and technology takes hold.  Coenen's enlists pixar to help with his expansive design.

from google image for art advocacy only

 ‘It is a work with a spiritual, religious feel to it. However, its larger-than-life size is not a tale of religion; it’s about nature. In the scientific way, more an ode to Stephen Hawking’s atheist way of looking at the origin of life."
I lost the original reference to the quote, but I believe it is Katherine Brooks with Huffington Post
Outside view 

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