Friday, June 20, 2014

6 Women Who are Changing the Art World

6 Outstanding Women Artist Who Are Making a Difference!
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1. Yayoi Kusama 
     85 year old Grand Dame of Women arts.  One   of her pieces recently sold for $960,000. Yayoi fascinates me for many reasons. She has mental disabilities that keep her(by choice) in a facility where she feels safe and protected.  He ability to concentrate on one facet of art is interesting.  Dots of all kind and size cover canvas and sculpture like a non ending musical score that plays over every surface. 

2. Sara Greenberger Rafferty

from google
Sara Greenberger Rafferty   photographer
A photographer who expires the themes much like Stieglitz and the Pictorialist photographers who through the manipulation of their photo's could create the imagery of a painting.  It is in the form of presenting photography as an art form.  Sara's work seems almost impressionistic and the intent is not accidental. She prints a digital image from public sources and then slashes water on it, then in a very abstract way lets he inks bleed and run in no particular pattern. She then rephotographs the end product.

3. Bambi

Bambi, London Artist 

You are very familiar with Banksy and his murals in London, but there is also a woman who plasters London's walls with her art, her name is Bambi. 
Bambi, graffiti on the streets of London
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