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I am a life long artist, art teacher and art advocate.  I worked with Art Advocacy programs in local and state levels.  The importance of art in our lives is paramount.  In our homes, in our every day lives, in our schools, in our recreation and in our country's cultural development.  There is not any part of our lives that is not effected by one of the arts, whether it be design, music, drama, dance, advertisement, film, etc.  Americans think of sports as the one of the best money makers in a community, but it is not so, once again it is the arts.  The arts bring in more money than any sport in any town because they are so all encompassing.
I recently ran across this article in TruthOut by Robert Reich on the Importance of Art in our world(click for article) and thought  I would share it with you.

"Art is an often-overlooked yet powerful tool for long-lasting, positive change. Yet in America, on the national level, there's at least one strong professional advocate for the arts unwavering in his creative convictions and advocacy.
The arts provide a way for people better to understand "who they are in a time in history where that is desperately needed," says Robert Lynch. The progenitor of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), the nonprofit Americans for the Arts, is"the nation's leading advocate for the arts and arts education," and Lynch is the organization's CEO." 
Robert Reich 
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