Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Dutch Alley New Orleans Art Co-operative


Sean Dixson Maker of Voodoobots

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While walking through the French Quarter in New Orleans we happened upon this really great artist co-operative. There are 6 artists that represent a variety of media and skills. From painting, jewelry, fabrics, folk art, found object art, ceramics and more.

Artist James Jensen selling Ann a piece of local art.

 James does unique jewelry with old records and discs.  His jewelry is bright, eye popping colors and design with a found art feel.  He has been designing earrings for over 20 years.  He loves the Quarter and all the people he meets there.  
There are 6 artist in this co-operative which we will list and give you a link to for more information.

Earrings made out of records 
James Record Earrings

Earrings made of old records

Stewart South Painting
Stewart South Painting 
Raku salt and pepper shakers        

Photo by Elizabeth Gordon with permission of gallery
 Stewart South is another artist that is a part of the co-operative.  He is a painter and a printmaker.  He studied a Tulane majoring in print making, but he also does photography and conceptual art. There is a style of art that I love in New Orleans, one can call it found art or recycled art, but it almost involves wood and tin and painting and words.  I am not sure of the origin, but it seems to be a style that is very prominent in New Orleans, if not originating here.
Steward South Painting                permission of artist to show

These are hand stitched handmade pot holders of the famous man hole covers in New Orleans.  Of course we had to have one.
photo by Elizabeth Gordon with permission of gallery

I fell in love with these wonderful little people that seem sculpted and drawn and mixed media at the same time.  They are funky and fun and they seem to have such great character.
Photo by Elizabeth Gordon with permission of Gallery
photo with permission of gallery by Elizabeth Gordon
I have a friend named Mark who will go crazy over these.  He loves robots and collects all kinds.  He has a large bookcase with all his collections.  Sorry Mark you will have to come to New Orleans to get your own!!!

Voodoobots by Sean Dixson


Wonderful fun, colorful and flexible hats

Fantastic mixed media…All New Orleans!!!

Gold leaf paintings

mixed media fun!

After hurricane Katrina there was so much debris, so much distraction everywhere.  The artists found they could recycle the wood into art.  

Aren't these great, fierce and cuddle at the same time.

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