Friday, February 14, 2014

An Artist Date Day

Cortez, Florida is on Florida's West coast, the best coast us West Coasters think. The sand is white and like powder, the water often a turquoise clear blue and always warmer allowing one to swim almost year round.  This little fishing village is still a working village.  On this day it was crowded with tourists that no doubt had read the article in the New York Times about Cortez and the Starfish Co.  restaurant and seafood market and about Captain Katie and her boat tour of the mangroves with her two  cocker spaniels who accompany her.  We ate on the docks and had smoked mullet either fried or blackened, a corona beer with a wedge of lime and with this view and friends a perfect day! 

Cortez, Florida  on the docks of Starfish Co. Restaurant and Sea Food Market on the West Coast of Florida
I almost always have my camera with me and if I don't I have my iPhone camera.  I take shots that draw my interest or attention for any reason.  I never know if they will show up in my art work or not, but I keep them in iPhoto in case I might want to go back and use them as a resource. The pictures below are from the dock and area around the Starfish Co. Restaurant and seafood market.  I loved the no dogs sign.  There was something childlike and primitive about it, but allow tattoo like.  I don't do tattoos, but this would interest me if I did, but mine would say dogs, yes!  

The next series of photos were of a beautiful elegant Great Blue Heron.  They are almost like a statue or sculpture. They can stand so still for so long, concentrating on their next meal that is usually very unsuspecting of its fate.  Their colors and patterning could not have been better designed as if a master artist created it.  They travel by themselves and can be very aggressive with other birds.  That sharp long orange beak can become a very effective spear for fish and other birds.

The first photo was from further away showing more of its surroundings, the second was a closer shot concentrating on the texturing of the next feathering and subtle change in coloration.  It almost looks like a still life at this point.

This third photo of our Great Blue has been worked a great deal on iPhoto.  I tuned up the saturation of color level as high as I could and increased the contrast.  I also upped the exposure level so the colors all show clearly.  Now it almost takes on a post card or cartoon look.  It looks more real than real.

This series of photos is in the seafood market itself.  It is so old time Florida, fishing village coastal.  I was on my way to the bathroom and still had my camera with me.  I guess that is obsessive, but look at the interesting shots I got. 

It was so rustic and yet someone was having fun being creative and playful.  I love the creative spirit of the do not need to be an artist to be an artist.  Anyone can be creative and any one can allow themselves to play with 
color, texture, elements and shapes.

This became a wonderful still life  of propeller with skeleton, an odd pairing.

Leaded weights on a line…shapes, line, and color

Wharf rope, thick and braided 
This is just one day of shots, playing with what interested me.  You can do the same.  There are many new programs out for iPhone like juxtaposer and snapseed.  Just google phone photo apps and find the ones you like.  There is so much out there to choose from that allows everyone to have advanced photo programs at their fingertips for lots of play and creativity.

rusted texturing on a barrel evidently exposed to salt water



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