Thursday, May 16, 2013

Joseph Cavalieri Continues to Shine!


Joseph is one of our favorite artists who we art Rabbit's Moon Studio love to follow. We first met Joseph at Duncan McClellen's Glass Studio where he was guest artist. He is an energetic highly productive artists.  He is constantly exhibiting, making art, or teaching.  His work is wonderful and I have an idea his workshops are fantastic as well.  I can hardly wait to sign up myself, as I am always loving to explore new media and learn new techniques. I think when an artist is willing to do that there is constant growth in oneself and ones art! You owe yourself a treat, check out Joseph on his website, go see his work in a show, or sign up for a workshop.  I plan too!

New York Artist Joseph Cavalieri was asked to create new work for a gallery in New York.  The work is entitled "Motown to Def JAM2.  The show was curated by Sou L Eo.  It will take place in Harlem on June 11th(6-9pm).  The address is La Maison d'Art Private Gallery at 259 West 132 Street New York.  It will be part of the ArtCrawl.
Cavalieri named worked with the song Soulsville by Isaac Hayes for inspiration.
slums, ghetto and blac, belt, they are all one and the same. And I call it Soulsville.

This song represents a look at the portrait of a depressive inner city in the 1970's and ends with a glint of hope that God will put an end to all of this misery or so it says in the song.

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