Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Duncan McClellan's Glass Studio is well on its way to becoming one of the largest hot glass studios in the USA.  

Duncan McClellan's latest show highlights Washington D. C. glass artists, each exhibiting cutting edge designs in glass mixed media art.  Every new exhibit Duncan has put together shows innovative glass work from studio artists around the country. All the events that Duncan does are well attended and smartly done.  He certainly has a talent for community involvement, promotion, and entertainment, as well as, his own art.  He is building programs with resident artists, educational outreach programs, on site workshops and no telling what else.  Our area is richer for his vision, passion and leadership.
In the most recent show Sean Hennessey, Tim Tate and Michael Janis, Erwin Timmers, and Allegra Marquart are very innovative and creative glass artist from Washington Glass Studio. Each artist offers a new way of experiencing glass media art.
Sean has wonderful pieces that speak of history, mythology and archeology. It is as if one were an archeologist unearthing a recent treasure that was just peaking out from under the surface.  There is a wonderful mystery to Sean's work.
Sean Hennesey  Killing Time  Mixed media and Glass     photo used with permission of artist

Tim Tate's work is innovative, edgy and yet there is a hint of today as if it illusionary passing over into the future.  He is passionate about his art and generous with his time and talent. He was one of the founders of Washington Glass.  He has great energy and is an artist who shares his ideas and techniques.  I have met many artist through the years if they discover something they want to hide it, keep it to themselves and protect it from others. This is not Tim, he is a builder and a leader and a teacher.  What a pleasure it was to meet Sean and Tim.  One can tell this is a studio full of positive energy and talent.  It made me want to hop on a plane and go to D.C. to sign up for classes!  My hope is Duncan can talk some of these guys into doing workshops here!  Hint, Hint.
Tim Tate         Video Tea Time    photo used with permission

I did not meet Michael, but Sean gave me a wonderful explanation of his process and technique.  I thought when I first saw the work it was a photo transfer, not so.  Michael is actually manipulation frit bit by bit to prouduce these photo realistic works.  I was totally amazed.  And to add to that it fires it layer by layer.  This is a process I must see in person and meet the artist also.

Michael Janis  Washington Glass Artist   

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