Saturday, May 18, 2013

How to Feel Fulfilled As An Artist

Our joy and struggle as artists is a constant dance of a mix of emotions.  If you are like me there is an inner voice that constantly says make art, you must make art.  I can ignore it for months and even years, but everyday it is there constantly nagging, constantly urging.  And why do I not make art during those times, sometimes it is self sabotage and other times a lack of confidence, or a million excuses that really are only blocks, procrastination and other things, but it comes down to one thing giving in to that inner voice, sitting down and making art.  I recently picked up a book called the War of Art  and a friend said it will really kick your butt about giving in to excuses and procrastination..and he was right it surely does. I do highly recommend the book.  Also I suggest always working around positive accepting people, an accepting safe environment brings out the best in the creative act.  We may be motivated by pain we see in the world or suffering around us, as well as by beauty, but when it is time for the actual making of art and the act of creation a safe environment free of criticism is essential.

Monica has made huge progress with her classes in pottery
and wheel throwing.  Look at the expression of pride in ones self!
from google image for educational purposes only
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