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Story line: A young boy immigrates to America with his family. The adjustments to a new culture are hard.  The youth takes the wrong path making the wrong friends and gets in trouble with the law.  He is sentence to community service to a major art museum.  Youth becomes an adult whose forced influence to art turns his life around and he becomes a famous artist. 

Ales Hostomsky    BASK

This sounds like stuff of Hollywood movies or a highlight in the arts section of the New York Times, but for Ales Hostomsky  or BASK(his art name) it is his life. Ales is a product of Pinellas Country Schools in St. Petersburg, Florida.  This county has invested heavily in the arts. The art education programs are excellent and money for a penny tax goes to supplement a program that would have floundered during recessionary times, but instead held its true course.  St. Petersburg itself, with the influence of a strong City Arts council and a program called ACE(art for complete education) engaged community leaders and held them accountable over a period of many years. The fruit of that effort is the emerging city of the arts St. Pete has become and the influence on individuals like Ales, aka, Bask. AND THE REST OF THE STORY IS THE  MUSEUM  ALES WAS FORCED TO DO COMMUNITY SERVICE WAS NONE OTHER THAN THE FAMOUS SALVADOR DALI MUSEUM!

Ales Hostomsky work has been collected by Robert Downey Jr. and featured  the film Iron Man

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