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28,000 Years ago an Aborigine Artist drew and painted on a rock!

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A recent discovery in Australia had dated the one of the earliest painted art on Earth.  The Star News reported that archeologist discovered this detailed painted rock in a remote region of Austraila. Following is a section of the article from the Star, to read more, click on the highlighted blue text below.

THIS intricate rock painting is thought to be one of the oldest in the world after it was dated to 28,000 years ago.

The charcoal piece, discovered at a remote site in Australia, is some of the earliest evidence of human painting.
The Aboriginal artwork was found last June in Arnhem Land in the country's Northern Territory but was dated only recently by experts from New Zealand’s University of Waikato radiocarbon laboratory.z"

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An interesting story about Aborigine art comes from a trip I took to Sidney in the 1970's.  I was a young art teacher working on Subic Bay Naval Base in the Philippines and went with a group of teachers on our spring break to Sidney for a vacation. While I was there I got very interested in Aborigine art and bought several bark paintings.  I kept them in my art room for example when teaching art to young children.  I would pass the paintings around and let the children feel and hold the bark paintings. We did large units on Aborigine art and the children did their own Aboriginal art.  It was not until recently I discovered these old works were worth a great deal of money and here I had  been just letting them be handled by kids and not so gently I might add...if you know kindergarten and 1st know what I mean. Wow, what a surprise for me.  The only sad part, is the names of the artist that were on the back fell off years ago, so I can't identify them anymore.  They are quite wonderful though. The other sidelight is I came home from that trip with pneumonia and was delirious when I got off the plane! It was a memorable trip in more than one way. 

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