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science laboratory 

art studio
from google for education only
Of course we know it is the Art Studio and Science lab, but I would put to you they are much the same in many ways:

1. Place of discovery

2. Place of exploration
3. A place of testing and experimenting
4. A place where the imagination must be used
5. A place where learned skills are called upon to solve a    problem.
6. They are both places where one must be visionary
7. In both places the persons involved must be highly observant and sensitive to his environment

Einstein, Math Genius,            The Speed of Light is Broken 

We might go on and on about the commonalities, if we wanted we could list the difference as well.  However, that is not our focus here.  What we are looking at in this series of post is how they are aligned. 

If we look closely at artists we know, and famous art work then perhaps we can see the parallels clearly.  

Leonardo da Vinci  from google image for education only

Leonardo da Vinci is an obvious choice, as the Renaissance man and inventor.  I have a real affinity for Da Vinci for many reasons.  I even named my dog, Vinci or Da Vinci after him. (and my brother always told me I was adopted…just teasing-like any brother he picks on his little sister) Leonardo was also born in April, on the 15th, and my birthday is April 12th. I have always  been fascinated by his love of science and inventions and his daring in using new art materials. In some cases he invented his own materials and colors. Click for link to more about Leonardo's inventions. And his art.  

Leonardo da Vinci's Inventions   from google image for education only

and later we will look at other  artist who use science in their work.
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