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an artist who gives back

from google image for the purpose of art advocacy
Louisiana Artist who became famous as a pop artist with his Blue Dog Paintings.  This year George died due to the effects of an ongoing  battle with cancer.  He left a wonderful legacy in his paintings and creative genius, but also for a generous act of philanthropy. 

 George Rodrigue was a bear of a man with a huge heart.  He grew up in Cajun country and new the struggles of poor people who strived for more, but did not always have the opportunity.  Louisiana is not a rich state, nor is the education system an extremely progressive one.  

As George succeeded in art, he wanted to give back to all the children who like himself needed a chance to have art programs offered in their community.  Every year his foundation supplies art materials to schools across Louisiana.  He also helped to raise monies for children's hospitals across the country by donating art to help for art auctions for funding.  

George Rodrique Foundation of the Arts
I admire artists who realize that in giving back we create a more humane world and in promoting art for children and in turn we build individuals who will contribute in a positive way to this world.  
We will miss you George, but your foundation lives on.  
Wendy Rodrigue, George's wife, continues the foundation in his memory
Wendy is the second from the left.
I urge you to consider contributing to the George Rodrigue foundation.  Please click here for the link to the foundation.
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