Thursday, December 19, 2013


"I’ve made my collection a work of art. It’s a voice, an instrument, mine and theirs, telling a story that needs to be heard." Andres Serrano


In October Andres Serrano went around collecting signs from homeless people on the streets of NYC.  He bought the signs that told the stories of the lives of the homeless.  He walked the streets on NYC sometimes seven or eight hours a day.  He collected signs from every area he could and approached people in the most respectable way he was able to do.

"They always said yes and I’d say, “I’m an 

artist. And artists see things in a different 

way. And one of the things I see are the signs 

the homeless have. I’m buying these signs 

because I see every sign as a story. There 

are many stories out here that should be 

heard. Can I offer you $20 for your sign?” 

They would all say yes and it touched me 

how grateful many people were when I 

bought their sign. I got several hugs and

 many “God Bless Yous.”
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