Thursday, April 25, 2013



That is how long my Mother has lived! Today was her 100th birthday of living on this Earth. 

Lela, the woman who raised a curious child,
living 100 years to scatter beauty and harmony
on this fine planet, Earth.

 I want to share with you what my Mother taught me about art and life.  I am not sure which to put first in order, for the way I learned about life from Mother is what led me to be an artist or what I learned about art from Mother led me through life.  Curiosity and beauty, are two key words that come to mind.  

Often life went like this for me as a child.....

Artist in the making, how to catch a crayfish

WHAT DO YOU SEE?                                   from google image
"Look at the clouds Betsy, lets pick out the you see and animal or a flower? 
Look at the sunset have you ever seen prettier colors?
It is called a stamen, look closely, you will see you know what pollen is for?  
 Are you nervous honey? Close your eyes, think of a peaceful beach, the gentle waves, the breeze, the palms dancing in the wind, and the feel of the sand under your feet. Now, don't you feel better?
Black Widow Spider
 We will collect these bones we found and take them home, get out the encyclopedia, identify what you can and we will put them together...yes sweetie, it is the skull bone of an ancient indian...
Honey, if you look down you will see the beauty if the reflections
of the rain water, hear the birds, can you name their calls, look at the spiders, don't hurt them, learn from them...they may be poisonous, but they have a job, respect them.

Betsy, come here, come here...the kittens are coming. I want you to get to watch the birth. Now this is how mammals give birth, watch closely.   One will be white, one yellow and one white and let me tell you why that happens.
Rats are not to be afraid of Betsy, they can be pets also.  You must be gentle.  Let Momma Rat come to the table, give her a piece of cornbread, let her take it to her babies...we will catch them later and put them back in their how she hops.  Did you know her back legs are bigger than her front ones?  Do you know what happens if we only feed her coke and chips, her hair would fall out?  That is why it important for you and her to have a good diet."
white mice
Observing the Earth, respecting her creatures, looking for the beauty and harmony in life...those were all things that Mother taught me. Appreciating colors, lines and textures and the miracles of how they all come together in our world and lives that was something my Mother knew and passed on to me.

from google image

What makes an artist?  I am not sure, but surely it must be intwined in ones life and is never separate, for it is what you and one's art are not separate, our art is us, and we are our art.

How someone else's life will impact your own is an unknown factor, but 100 years ago Lela, an extraordinary individual was born, bright, curious and intellectual herself,  she decided to raise a curious child.  The curious child decided to become an artist and teacher, to teach others how to become curious as well. Like ripples in a pool the effects of one life ripple outwards to others and life is changed, lives are touched, and the world is ever altered toward the more positive and good.

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