Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An Exciting Turn of Events for Rabbits Moon! A Royal Visit!

Yes, later this summer we will have a Royal visiting us! 

Martin Stynes     British Abstract Landscape Artist

Martin Stynes, Royal Fellow of the Arts, in England will be visiting the USA, networking, meeting other artists, and their studio's.  His visit will start in Florida and work its way up to our Asheville studio before his return.  We are all very excited here about having a talented abstract landscape artist like Martin visit.  Needless to say there is much planning to do and setting up potential visits for him.  Also he will get a much needed respite n the Florida beaches which I am sure any Brit would revel in. I will be posting more and more about Martin through the summer for you to get to know him and his work better.

Sean Starwars   Outlaw Printer         for educ. purposes only 

Our print maker friend Sean Starwars in Laurel,Mississippi is on a relentless roll of energy to becoming a huge factor in the Outlaw Print world.  We will continue to follow Sean and his adventures.  With the addition of a new birthday iPad I have some new elements planned for our blog.  We can do video recordings and interviews of artist and galleries and studios.  
Another artist we are following is the daughter of a fellow art teacher who is continuing to win awards and accolades as a fine violinists.  She has recently received a scholarship for a college degree at Stetson University.  It has a fine music program and she will continue to flourish there.  We have know Molly since she was born, so it is following a life of a persons interest and development in the arts.  I will post some of her concerts here for you to enjoy.  
                               An Emerging Young Violinist
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