Sunday, April 7, 2013

Glass in Abstract

Rabbits Moon Studio New Artist Series

Kari Minnick(click for link)

Kari is an artist that has come to our attention and new to our site.  We thought you would really enjoy her fresh approach to glass fusion.  It is usualy more common to see glass fusion used as a craft and in more traditional images.  Kari's approach is utilizing glass almost as a canvas that is painted upon.  Her creativity and experimentation is refreshing and innovative.   
She teaches at many art centers and facilities around the country and in her studios in Silver Springs Maryland.  Helios Glass in Texas has invited her to do a workshop with them. 
This fall Kari will be offering a workshop at Northlands in Scotland.  It looks to be an exciting class in a fascinating place.  
After leaving teaching I began to take classes in two areas that I had not done before, clay and glass.  It has been experimental on my part being more of a fine artist than a craftsman.  I wasn't sure how I was going to marry the two and make them work.  Looking at Kari's work makes me realize it is possible.  I would love to take one of her workshops and you might want to as well after looking at her abstract designs.  

Abstract Glass Artist 

Kari Minnick         Abstract Glass
from google image for educational purposes only
Kari Minnick         Abstract Glass Art                      from google image for educational purposes only

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