Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chicago Big and Bold

My Kind of Town

from google image for educational purposes only

I went to Chicago for a National Art Teachers Conference and fell in love with a beautiful city. It was so alive and vibrant, with a beat all its own.  All big cities that have reputation have a personality that is uniquely theres, all have their own song.  With Chicago there is the constant beat of the elevated rail, the jazz played outside hotel lobbies of the art deco hotels wafting on the the streets and carried along by the famous windy city breezes.  There are so many wonderful large museums and my favorite the Chicago Institute of Art.  Then there is the Art Deco, the design of an age that signals a successful time of opulence and wealth and commerce.  The designs and architecture are every where shinning, gleaming and bold. The city in its own way is a museum in itself.  
Here is an Art Site on Chicago and its art that you may like, just click on Chicago Art Site for the link.

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