Friday, November 2, 2012

WhY Creativity for Kids is So Important!

Spending a life time as a teacher of the arts I know the importance of creativity in all children's lives. This video speaks to that.  I also did much art advocacy at local and state levels.  I met surgeon who honed their skills my doing art, skilled musicians who were doctors, and people from all walks of life who found their arts training invaluable in their lives whether they became artists or not.  The arts are a wonderful conduit for learning all types of skills and build a highly flexible innovative mind.  It is essential in all schools to have quality art education for students and is important as parents to include art in your child's life. 

  I remember a wonderful story about Frank Lloyd Wright's childhood.  His Mother wanted him to become an architect, but didn't want to force it on him.  Instead she put building blocks and creative toys that involved constructing in his room to play with.  It evidently worked, as he became one the true masters of our time!

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