Sunday, November 11, 2012

Some of the Best Artists you Never Knew!

Martin Stynes

Sean Starwars 

Christopher Burdett

Nathan Mark Phillips

Monica Guerrero

Cassandra Gordon-Harris

You don't know these artists and teachers?  Well, you should!  They are exceptional people that we admire here at Rabbit's Moon and who are achieving wonderful things with great persistence in art and life. 
 They all have some common traits: Hard work, Courage, and persistence to rise over all the struggles and excused that the rest of us use not to succeed or give up.  They are prolific, they are impassioned, and they are present doing their art. Some are better known than others and some are just starting out. Artists do not have to be famous to be important, to be noted, to be cherished and to be admired.  Look around you and you will see new artists and career artists all taking the risk to express themselves, believe in themselves, and share their talents with us all.  Lets take time to honor those individuals in our lives and let us learn from their success.

Martin Stynes(click for more info.)

from google image

Ireland/Manchester, England. Professor, Abstract landscape artist. Career Artist. Prolific with an amazing output and body of work.  The sky and the horizon take on new meaning as Martin shows us how to look at our world with fresh eyes. Exhibits widely. Soul of a poet. Amazing communicator and mentor to others.

Sean Starwars(click)

from google image
Mississippi/Louisiana Printmaker of the Outlaw Artist School. Edgy prints with an attitude and humor, High school art teacher, endless energy, impassioned,exhibits widely,
huge body of work.  Wonderful advocate for art and print making!

Christopher Burdett(click for link)

Chris  Burdett's Monsters   google image

Christopher Burdett at Comicon                      from google image

Tallahassee, Florida. Fantasy/Sci Fi illustration. Relentless worker, Highly creative, remarkable draftsman,illustrates and designs for Dungeons and Dragons and many more..Constantly challenging himself, constantly educating and honing his already tremendous skills.

Nathan Mark Phillips(click for link)  

Mark Nathan Phillips   photo by elizabeth gordon
from google image

Mark Nathan Phillips is a Photographer, Artist of Digital collage, dedicated, persistent pursuit of his art and excellence, step by step self determination and courage in self expression. Letting art take him on the path it leads him to. New artist, one to keep you eye on!

Monica Guerrero

photo by elizabeth gordon
Peruvian artist/Tampa,Florida Art Historian, Museum educator, pottery, glass fusion artist, meticulous, detailed, persistent, great courage and determination in taking the risk of being a successful artist, amazing output of work.

Cassandra Gordon Harris

from google image
from google image 
Born in New Orleans, raised in South America, educated in Europe, lives in New Mexico, amazingly talented creative painter, she paints the soul of women and the feminine mystique, landscapes with an air of other worldlyness and wonder. Huge body of work, courageous in her journey into her own self and being as an artist, determined hard working artist

Michelle Varley Crosby

from google image

St. Petersburg, Florida. Potter, teacher elementary magnate school, creative, energetic, compassionate, art advocate and teacher extradonair..awarded Teacher of the Year/Elementary for the State of Florida, amazing teacher who teaches the love of art. The art of being an exceptional teacher is truly that...a fine art..honed over a lifetime of caring, overcoming obstacles and succeeding with greater passion than before with a love of art and children and learning.
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