Thursday, November 1, 2012

How we Perceive what we See.


 The Devastation is so complete and horrible like a bomb went off.  People hope to get right back to their lives, but so much has to be done because so much was effected. The infrastructure, jobs, electricity, the government governing systems...all must be resurrected.  
You might think this is the Jersey Shore, but these are photo's from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina!  They don't look too different do they.  Nature is a tremendous master and global warming is here.  It is time we all speak the truth and say this is our new reality..these massive storms and earth changes.  
New Orleans Artists were on the fore front of bringing the city back, from art projects using the refuse, to musicians playing on street corners just to help people cope.  I hope New Jersey and New York can find the same creative minds of artists to help them cope and recover.  You are in our thoughts East Coast USA! 

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