Saturday, November 24, 2012

Portraits and Still Life /an uncommon view

Classical portraits are usually full face or side view, perhaps with a little Rembrandt lighting if we look at a three fourth's view with shading.  Typical still life's are flowers or fruits or game set in a stilted formal fashion.  But I think we can think of them both differently.  Each tells us something about the subject we are contemplating, each gives us information that helps us form an opinion and draws us in to want to know more.  I think of them as time capsules, a bit of history and culture snatched in a moments time:stolen away for the future to time travel backwards.  If quantum physics is correct and we experience time horizontally and not  in a linear fashion, then we are in the future and past at the same time. 
Here are a few portraits and still life's that tells us a story or give us information leaving work for our imaginations to do.  In art I never like to over define anything for my should leave a sense of mystery, an intriguing of the mind, and a tug at the soul.  We should all be able to bring a sense of ourselves to the art work without the artist telling us his view to overtly.  And so these pieces I have presented below offer a twist of classical formats for you perusal. 

Portrait of My Nephew

Photo portrait by Elizabeth Gordon

Shutters and Shadows/ Portrait of a Southern Lady

Charleston, South Carolina             Elizabeth Gordon

Still life Green screen and Red Barn Window

Old Leicester Road  Leicester, North Carolina              by Elizabeth Gordon

Fall leaves with Crane

Asheville, North Carolina        by Elizabeth Gordon

Boo, Mountain Dog in Repose  

          Blossom Ridge, Leiscester, North Carolina     Photo by Elizabeth A. Suggs
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