Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! 

The First Thanksgiving  by Jeannie Brownscombe  1914  from google

Here in the United States families will gather, traveling by plane, car and train, to be together and give thanks.  It is an American tradition that started with the first pilgrims sharing a meal of thanks with the Native Americans who helped them survive a harsh winter.  The meal no doubt was far different from what is served today.  There may have been foul, venison, root vegetables, or course the infamous corn that native americans introduced to the newly arrived English pilgrims.  The first winter few of the first colony survived, they were unaccustomed to new environs they found themselves in.  They were in a strange land and without the help of the native Americans there is much doubt whether any of the colonies would have survived.  If you know much about American history, then you know the subsequent treatment of the native populations of American was worse than deplorable.  On the other hand I would dare say there are few Americans whose families have lived here for generations that do not have some native American heritage of their own.  In my family it was Cherokee, a large advanced civilization of peoples, who lived on the East Coast.  My ancestor's name was Dorothy Pryor.  When a Native American woman married a caucasian  man they were given what was called a "Christian name" or an English name as was in the case of Dorothy Pryor. Often Americans do not even realize that they have Native American ancestors.    
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