Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rabbits Moon on Location 

Tattoo and Piercing Salon on Magazine Street in New Orleans

Here we are on location in New Orleans.  It is hot and sultry, it is the Big Easy approaching a long hot summer when the Quarter steams and fans swirls on wrought iron balconies.  A mint julep or cold ice tea helps a bit in the sweltering heat.  Southern gentlemen wear seersucker suites and ladies linens for the hot summer days. 
As we noted before this is a city of neighborhoods, each distinct in its own way. Magazine Street is one of my favorite neighborhoods.  It is filled with interesting shops of all kinds.  There are antique shops, junk shops, tattoo and piercing parlors, cafes and coffee houses.  Shaded oak sidewalks and old store fronts that are reborn from dry good stores into yogurt shops make for interesting walks and adventures.  
The photo above of the Tattoo Shop was taken along Magazine street.  The neon devil shinning through the palm fronds caught my eye.   
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