Wednesday, January 29, 2014


                                                          from google image for education only

"On Friday morning, Khmer-American artist Kat Eng set up a sewing machine in front of H&M’s Times Square location. The eight-hour performance was a response to the brutal military crackdown of striking garment workers in Cambodia. In early January, 500,000 workers joined a strike to demand a livable wage. Over 400 factories were forced to shut down operation. The government ordered military police fired upon demonstrators, killing five and injuring dozens. In solidarity with the oppressed workers the artist worked the entire day, stitching together 2 and 2/3 actual dollar bills, the daily salary of garment workers." From Encounter article 
Kat sees her project as "act of solidarity with women who labor under the boot of multinational corporations and their collapsing industrial machines, women who literally crate immense value with their own callused hands". She continues to say"it is a message to consumer culture that behind every stitch is a hand, a face, a person."
from google image for education only 

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