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Jan Vormann German Street Artist                   from google for education only

Vormann will say he has no intent in this project, that it means nothing, but I think he is so wrong. It is like putting an band aide on a wound.  In its very act it is healing in nature. 
The evidence of that is that people around the world are emulating his act of healing buildings on their own.  Not with concrete or building material, but with colorful creations, usually lego block.   It is an act of creation that has taken on a life of its own, people innately want to heal things and Vormann somehow has tapped into that feeling in people all over.  
I think with the turmoil in the world, the high rate of change, the overwhelming amount of data that engulfs us daily is making  people are look for a way to take control in small ways, to heal, to find simple solutions to complex things.

The whole  local push of farm to table, buying local handmade art, and grassroots moments are all attempts to bring our world back to something we can control and we can feel.  There seems to be in all of us the need to be in a world we can control, that is simple, that is local, that is family, that is personal…perhaps that brings in out the ancient tribal memories in us all.  We reach for things that make us feel like we belong, like people who want tattoos, they are reaching back into our ancient culture to find a feeling of belonging and being.  I think Vormann's art does this without him knowing, artists act as shamans sometimes, absorbing the psychology of the time and the masses.

In Vormann's series "Dispatchwork" he identifies war damaged buildings and uses lego bricks to repair them. In Berlin and Bocchignano, Italy researches war damaged buildings and fills the gaps with brightly colored lego blocks.

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