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Elizabeth Gordon

by Elizabeth Gordon
Starting an art class is alway invigorating for me.  New ideas, mingling with other artists, and possibilities that are all anew!!!
All my grown life when I could sign up for a class I would.  I love learning and growing.  Of course at times it is scary and a blank page stares out at you just daring you to put the first mark.  But that is the challenge and the joy of it all.  To challenge yourself is an important part of growing beyond where you might be now.  And one thing for sure, no matter how accomplished we are, there is always room for growth and learning. 
MIXED MEDIAN BY Elizabeth Gordon

Printmaking was my major in college and it continues to be an area that draws me even if the print only happens in the transfer once, mono print.  Text, numbers, and other pieces of graphic images that are in our everyday world become part of my imagery as well.  I am part Jungian, part Freudian, part Surrealist in translation.  The hidden meaning, the image that triggers deep psychological thought, and the thought of consciousness as a transient state are all areas that intrigue me and find place in my art.  I love subtly in, and having the viewer included in the process, nothing should be too obvious, it should only suggest and draw you in to the mystery.  And in my world each piece will have a personal meaning only to the person viewing the work, each viewer may come away with a separate truth.



Mixed media art by elizabeth gordon  

My new class has 8 or so people and my teacher teaches the class in a way I love, like a graduate level class in which each one of us has a project that we are working on.  The teacher consults with us and helps to mentor us as we work.  It is a very nice way to work.  Betsy Lester, is an accomplished artist in her own right, teaches at the Morean Art Center and teachers art at a university.  I thought you would like to see the work I began in the first class to warm up and get back into doing my art.  Betsy wants me to concentrate on doing a large body of work for a show this summer.  She is a goal setter and that is good for me.  I could do with a great deal more goal setting.  
detail of mixed media piece by Elizabeth Gordon
 My work is mixed media, collage and assemblage.  In this series I am using transfers and drawing with charcoal.  I have a plan to include a triptych on three birch wood squares I bought and pre-cut in Asheville.  I also have wooden machine molds from England I plan to use in assemblage.  So in this body of work I plan to have 2d flat, 2d high relief with found objects, and sculptural assemblage.  Some of these projects I have been thinking of a long time since a visit to Montreal a couple of years ago.  I was fascinated with some tribal African sculptural heads with found objects .  And finally I have always had a love of drawing, so part of the on going development of my goal will be to include drawing with image and text.  
It is exciting to be headed in a direction, thinking of a body of work that will be in a show, each piece relating to another.  I encourage you also, what ever level of art you are in, to set a goal, to consider experimenting with 2d and 3d each relating to one another. It is almost as if each piece is in conversation with the next until the group encompasses you in idea art work by art work. 
As I develop this body of work I will share the process with  you until the final step when it arrives and is set up in the final showing this summer.  Get ready, we are going on an art journey!

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