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The Budha's       Photo by Elizabeth Gordon


                                    KITSCH JUNGLE!

Photo by Elizabeth Gordon

The American version of a flea market is different from any others I have been to in other countries.  Perhaps we just have a way of making this ancient market ours with a spark of individualism and marketing that yells out American culture on steroids! It reminds me of a circus, with barkers yelling out deals and cons to draw you into their arena.  
The Art of the Sale                Photo by Elizabeth Gordon
And once inside the ring master is like a magician with an arena of must have items.  Flea markets are filled with the most unique characters whether dressed in Harley Davidson Leather or the used car dealer look of odd matched hats, ties and plaids.  Hair styles can be sprayed on pinks, or dyed reds and the style of the day is what ever one can think of, its there.

Photo by Elizabeth Gordon
The Art of  the Sale    

Photo by Elizabeth Gordon
Dealer, Dog, and Peace    Photo by Elizabeth Gordon
 Recently I went with friends and took my camera along.  I really didn't want to buy anything, so I just let my artist eye and mind take over and all of a sudden all I could see were great shots here and there.  But I had gone out ill prepared, my camera battery ran out before I got too far and we had to rush to meet friends.  So I vowed next time to go prepared with fresh batteries and a full day to wander and take photos.   but I want to share with you the shots I took this time and prepare you for future shots coming soon.  So lets step out into the swirl and hustle bustle of the Flea Market!
As I was working with iPhoto and doing some editing on the photo's I turned up the volume on the color saturation to reflect the circus feeling of the market.  I also started to isolate little vignettes in the photos I wanted to highlight.  Dealer, Dog and Peace was a wonderful photo with this dealer and his little Yorkie mini.  Another dealer told me they were inseparable and the dog was so comfortable in the booth in all the noise and crowd.  A little tiny mini Yorkie lap dog was the last thing I thought this tough guy would have!  It turned out to be just a great photo.
Skelton Keys          photo by Elizabeth Gordon

150 songs was a photo of this wonderful character in a motorized wheel chair singing 150 favorite songs he knew from heart.  His handmade chart, and all in one band planted right in the middle of the walkway was so amazing.  He sang song after song and just waited for tips.  He was the captain of his own ship!

150 songs         photo by Elizabeth Gordon

I was walking down into the heart of this huge market that was a maze of buildings and wings and alleys and thousands of booths when a bright yellow shirt drew my attention and this marvelous face looking back at me.  I asked if he minded if I took his photo, which I am a bit shy about doing, he said he didn't mind and looked up peering over his glasses looking at me.  I looked up at his hat and the numbers jumped out 11, 18, 20.  Now I will have to go back and ask him what they mean.  There is such character in faces, a life lived.  

Time Traveler  Man                        Photo by Elizabeth Gordon
On the photo above I raised the color saturation level to the point his paints looks almost glowing and radioactive.  I love this guys look, it is direct and confident like he owns his space and he is in charge.  It reminds me of some science fiction flicks where the time traveler looks a bit road weary…ready to jump from one time period to another!

11 18 20         photo by Elizabeth Gordon

Doesn't the one below remind you of  Buzz Alden, the super hero?  He almost looks like he is really in action flying to the fire rescue truck to grab the oxygen and save a poor by stander!
$10  Saves the Day            photo by Elizabeth Gordon

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