Thursday, June 27, 2013


2. The What If Stage?
     At this stage in the art process I have gathered everything me that draws my interest for the project at hand.  The media is not a factor at this point.  I need to look and process in my mind the direction I might take.  It is like a giant jig saw puzzle, what if I put this here, what if I join this with that, what if this texture works with this element?  And it goes on and on, a constant questioning, and moving of one object to another place or another, taking an image out, leaving one in, does idea flow in my mind. If we wanted a more technical name for this process it would be called divergent thinking. I am not concerned at this point about how things attach, even if it is possible, only that it brings a possibility or interest. 
image transfer on porcelain glove form, ceramic ink on clay, washers, nuts 

Building the base of an assemblage, wooden box, old typewriter case, test tubes
insects and cocoon. 

Glue, jewelry tool, transparent line, rusted metal ribbon, and disk

close up of rusty disk with rich oranges and brown tones
snake skin, honest nest, and elements from nature

Ceramic ink transfer on white clay body, moths
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