Monday, June 3, 2013

Moving on and Cleaning Out...The Feng Shui of Art


photo by Elizabeth Gordon       Asheville 
Photo by Elizabeth Gordon   Asheville 

It is time to pull up stakes and head to the mountains for the summer which precipitated cleaning out my studio car (the trunk) and cleaning up the studio itself.  It is amazing how liberating to finally do something I have procrastinated on for a long time this winter.  
As I was cleaning, decided what I did need and didn't, discovering things I had forgotten about with delight I realized how freeing the whole process was.  As I was doing so, art ideas began to flow.  It is almost like in the act of clearing out stuff, I was clearing out the cobwebs in my mind as well.....the clutter I had allowed to gather and weigh me down. 
Now I can re-organize. let go of old project that were not suiting me, and look to welcoming new creations.  I am excited about improving and expanding my mountain studio.  It needs much more lighting and shelving.  It also needs big fans and screen doors for the garage doors to let the light and mountain coolness in.  
I have always read about Feng Shui (click) and admired the idea, but I have been so much of a collector it is hard for me to actually achieve minimalism in my environment.  I do like the thought of energy not blocked and moving in a way that generates more creativity and prosperity.  
I think it is good for us as artist to do this once and a while, a big spring cleaning and a clearing of the cobwebs in our thoughts and take new steps.  We need to let go of the old and what seemed secure, but no longer serves us.  Perhaps all of life is that way, but we artists need to constantly renew ourselves for our art.

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