Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mohibul Limon, Photographer of the Common Man, Bangladesh

Innocence in Time                                Mohibul Limon, a photographer of  Bangladeshi 

There are some things a person cannot fake, it is the simple things that  show your true feelings.  But a photographer is like a lens to the soul, what they see you see.  Their eyes, their brain, their emotions and experience frame the shot and through the filter of their being you experience what they see.  I think people do not always understand that...a photograph is not just a picture that was in front of the person.  It is a scene from thousands of possibilities one could choose, the lighting, the angle, the composition, the relationship to the subject, the choice of that moment out of thousands, that one click, is taken by another being on this Earth that has assimilated his experiences, emotions and views into that one click on the camera.  And it is then we see through his eyes in a way only his lifetime can offer.  So I challenge you to think...how would a tourist have taken this shot, how would an advertiser taken this photo, how would a woman or man...or would they have even taken this shot.  Was it just Limon's love of his fellow Bangeladeshi people, the love of the simple innocence of his country that produced this picture.  As you look at more of Limon's work, I think you will see what I see...a man who has deep love of his people, all his people, a deep sensitivity into the soul of what makes the Bangladeshi special and different from all other peoples on this Earth.  Limon has the soul of a poet, a sensitivity so acute it makes one feel deeply for his people and hurt when he hurts viewing poverty or unfairness.  I will continue to post Limon's work as I process it.  The sending of one computer to another, with different operating systems and software programs has slowed the sharing some, but we will get it done so you do not miss this wonderful view of one mans love of his country and people.
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