Friday, June 7, 2013

Bangladesh through the Eyes of Someone Who Loves Her and Her People

Photo by Mohibul Limon                  From the series, the Man Who Cared
As we look at Limon's photo's closer, it is almost as if he has provided us a view of his county and people as if we, also, had grown up in Bangladesh and loved the simple things...the common man, the everyday, the gentle beauty of the land caught in time.  Limon offers us a lens, a filter in which we see Bangladesh with old eyes and fresh eyes at the same time.  Bangladesh is changing rapidly, but there are some things that are timeless and innocent like a boat ferrying a Mother and her children on a gentle bay.  Limon's photo's seem to  tell a story.  We want to know more...where is the boat going, who are the family and what is their story.  We want to see more and know more, just on the other side of where the photo ends!
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