Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Big Glitch!

Rabbit's Moon Studio has been down for almost 10 days due to technology issues in change of locale from Florida to Asheville.  Our DSL line at our mountain studio is due to be reconnected within the up coming week and our computer system has now been repaired.  It just shows how vulnerable we all are to technology.  It allows us to communicate with great ease across the globe on one hand, and on the other when things are not connected and working it is really down!  So thank you all for your patience and soon we will return with wonderful articles about art and artist around the world.  We also are due to update you on the happenings of one our favorite artists here at Rabbit's Moon, Joseph Cavalieri.  His wonderful mixed media glass art continues to be new galleries and upcoming workshops for the fall in Germany.  Exciting news for Joseph!
Computer Glitch                                                 from google image

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