Monday, March 11, 2013


The Art Walk
The Glass Art of Steven Rolfe Powell

Stadium Seats to View Art!!!  That is Big!  
You would think it was a rock star, but no, it is a glass star!!!  Steven Powell is a start in the glass blowing world and here he wows the crowd with his awesome talent.  I am trying to think when I ever saw stadium seats set up for the viewing of art. It is just so impressive there are almost no words.  If you doubt for one minute the power of art, the just look at these pictures. Now imagine what your community might do.  This was once a dream in Duncan Mc Clellen's mind...only a thought, only an idea.  But then with vision and leadership he made it a reality.  It is evidence of what one person can do, when they have passion and persistence.  Of course there are many others supporting and helping, many who have become partners along the way...but first there must be the spark that catches flame.  I am not sure how this community will ever thank Duncan for all he has done.  I hope you have a Duncan in your community or perhaps, with his example, you will become a leader of the arts.

Pack crowds, standing room only left!

The fire is roaring hot, the glass is molten, art is about to

Steven describes the process of glass blowing
Viewing Joseph Cavelieri's Awesome stained glass art

Stunning Decks at Duncan Mc Clellen's Studio

The night is set for art and the crowds are coming

Duncan has a flare for style with his designs etched on the bar!

Studio living Room and hall gallery

Entering the huge doors of Duncan's expansive studio

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