Thursday, March 14, 2013

An Artist in the Making

The Education of Quinton Merada, An Artist

Quinton and his Mother, Denise

I first heard Quinton's name from my elementary art teacher friend Maryanne Hamilton.  She had this wonderful student who had a great family she told me about.   She also told me he was very talented. Through the years she stayed friends with Quinton and his Mother, Denise.
 Quinton we on to an art magnate middle school where another friend of mine was an art teacher.  Julie Smith is an exceptional middle school art teacher. So I continued to hear  about this talented fine young man through time. 
  And this past week I ran into him again with his Mother and friends at his senior art show at the Morean Art Center with his art magnate high school (Pinellas Center for the Arts).  It is adynamic show with all of the art teachers showing their work with a student senior show. 
Colored pencil drawing  by Quinton
Quinton had some of the finest art teachers one could have from a public education system that supports the arts.  He was fortunate, not all school system support the arts and many talented artists do not receive the education and support they need to succeed.    
His work is exceptional, his talent outstanding and his skills polished by fine teachers and a supportive family and community. 

UPDATE: Out of 200,000, Quinton chosen among top students for National Scholastic Award of Arts! A Trip to NYC for Award!

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