Thursday, March 14, 2013

Looking at Life a Little Closer


I was driving on the interstate back from doing a round of errands when this reflection of lights on the back of a truck.  It was almost like a mirrored surface it was so reflective.  I found the oval shape interesting as well.   The traffic all came to a stop several times, so it gave me an opportunity to study the visual effects closer and photograph what I was seeing.  I almost always have a small camera with me. I use the camera for many reasons, as a journal, documenting events or things I want to come back and look at closer.  There are millions of images we see daily and filter out.  We are busy, rushing here or there.  Whether you are an artist or not, living life takes precedent.  But I have tried to train myself to look at the things that catch my attention, as this truck did, or things out of the corner of my eye..just on the edge of my vision.  There can be so many things we miss in a day just because we are too busy to focus and life is such that these fleeting moments may never happen again in the same way.  As humans we think oh, tomorrow I will see this again or the next day.  The reality is in our short life span as human beings on this Earth there is a myriad of things that just happen for that moment never to be repeated the same way again.  
How will I use this in my art work?  I am not certain, but I know if fascinates me.  I particularly like all work trucks and day workers going or coming home from the job.  I love the colors on the back of trucks, the tools, the lights, the warning labels, and government stamps...I love the symmetry and organization of images.  
You know how they say in the movies, don't try this trick at home?  Do take pictures, but not while driving!  I am sometimes tempted to do just that.  I even love the movement the photographic image makes when there is movement and it is a blur.  
As I look at the progression of this image, it almost seems as if my car drove right into the truck..entering a time portal.  Hmmmm...idea emerging...artist at work, artist at work, beep, beep, beep.

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