Monday, October 22, 2012


What do you see when you look at this picture?
If you look at this closely at this photo you see an artist, a craftswoman, and a centered person who dedicates herself to the skill of making handmade art. I met Kathy Kline this week walking through an outdoor craft show in downtown Asheville.  I have done outdoor shows and I know what is required of the artist. It is not an elegant job, it requires work and patience and a thick skin. People will say anything within your hearing range without thinking.  One has to learn to consider the source and not everything appeals to everyone.  It actually builds character, but it doesn't feel like it at first.
Kathy makes her own glazes and they have the sensitivity of Japanese pottery that I love.  So it was no surprise to me to learn that she is a student of Ikebana. We bought two of the coffee mugs you see in the background to add to our collection.  I started a collection of handmade mugs years ago when I was a young adult. My friend Ann, who is a potter, went to North Carolina every summer with her family.  Each year she brought me back an artist made cup, so started a lifelong collection.  I relish adding to it and getting to know each artisan that contributes.  
Stores where everything is mass made and sold cheap have no value or lure for me.  A part of the artist passes to you with their art work, mass made and cheap things have no soul.  
I encourage you to get to know kathy, look up her website.  Check out Robert's turned wood and support art made by human is like a is can feel life...and warmth...and you make a  connection.  Buy Original Art-You will be richer and better for it!

Kathie Kline                  Asheville Potter
photo by elizabeth Gordon                                                                          Asheville Fall Outdoor Craft Show
  You can see Katny and Roberts' work at
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