Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Storms/Our thoughts to those in harms way

Bakhuizen                      1600's            google image
Yesterday a wonderful boat named the HMS Bounty was lost to the sea during hurricane Sandy off the East coast of the United States.  She was a three masted ship that was built for a movie.  She had been docked in St. Pete, Florida.  I had been aboard her twice.  She was a magnificent ship.   Her captain and another crewman is missing.  The rest of the crew was saved in a dramatic high seas rescue.  We honor the HMS Bounty today on Rabbit''s Moon Studio.  May her bones rest easy. Bakhulsen painted in the 1600's.  This painting shows how powerful Mother Nature can be.  Man often thinks he conquers all, but nature always reminds us who really is in control.
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