Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Cloud Came to Visit and Stayed all Day!

In the mountain studio the elevation is about 2,500 feet. I walked out on the deck early one day this past week and it was quite magical.   Some mornings a cloud settles on top of the mountain and envelops us  in a womb-like environment.  Every thing feels close and soft.  There was a silence that was present also, almost like whispers of tree spirits in the air. When one cannot see far away, then it is easier to look closely and within.  When I took the pictures I looked for different views out various windows ...then I thought about how would it would be to  look  through the screen adding a grid and texture to the photo.  I also let the window frame the view and offer an intense contrast in another shot.  It is interesting to think about how we look at things and question our perceptions.  How do our emotions play into to what we experience and what we see?  I read not to long ago about how a person born in the 1800's and person born today would see the same scene very differently.  It is colored by what they know and  believe to be true or possible.  So think about how you see your world now and how someone in the future or past may see the same scene.  Here I can imagine the past easily, these mountains are still rooted to the past closely.  It is not difficult to think of the native Cherokee walking through the midst hunting for deer or turkey, nor is it hard to think of the first white settlers clinging to careening wagons too close to mountain edges, or the sound of a model T black ford filled with Revenuers rounding the corner looking for a hidden still cooking sour mash illegal whisky. 

Rabbit Moon Studio Asheville 

A Cloud Settles on the House early in the Morning

The Cloud Creeps in Closer and Closer as the Morning Progresses

Looking at soft versus hard, dark versus light,  geometrical versus  

When I look at a grid, I think of how artists transpose pictures to a larger scale

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