Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Generosity of Artists is Powerful

I wanted to personally thank Eric Laffrogue and many artists I contact about using their images or highlighting their art.  And I want all the readers of the Rabbit Moon Studio Blog to know every effort is made to contact artists, if possible, when their images are used or they are honored in with a post.

Photography by Eric Laffrogue ,  permission of the artist for sharing  given
  Our effort here is art advocacy and art education.  I share my art with you and my processes and other art to help everyone gain an insight into the mind of an artists, to feel as if you are with us step by step.  I also want you to understand not all art is beautiful, realistic, or meant to be.  
Eric Laffrogue, Ethiopia 
Art has many purposes, and this is a journey to help everyone see and understand that very fact.  You can love classical music and not see the value of improvisational jazz or other forms of music. Whether you like jazz, classical or another form of music, the point is they all have value and I see it as part of my journey as an art educator to help everyone understand that.  
Again it is because of people like Eric Laffrogue and so many other generous artists I can share their work with you.
If you want to delve deeper into African politics may I  recommend a standard text written by my brother and sister in law,  Don and April Gordon  Understanding Contemporary Africa.
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