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Who is this amazing abstract artist that works in such detail? Who is this amazing new abstract talent? It is none other that you, or any human being.  These are microscopic studies of tears.  Tears of laughter, grief, remembrance and so on.  In this study by Rose Lynn Fears on the Typography of Tears she wondered what her tears would look like. Our tears have a distinct mark depending on the emotion we are feeling! It reminds me of the studies done to show how water changes molecularly when exposed to different music or sound.  Our bodies and our worlds are far more complex than we understand.  And I think we can fairly say our senses are far more complex than we have ever understood in the sciences.  The more we discover about our world the more interconnected we are to all living things and perhaps some things we have not considered to be living at all…like a rock.
Artists are very sensitive people who are highly observant in ways that they hardly understand themselves and often not understood by others.  They open themselves, as if refined antennas, to the world around them, the express and reflect what they absorb.  Art is a complex business, it is not about the mere copying of a scene or a person.  The previous post Rabbit's Moon Studio did on the artist for the 9/11 memorial is an example of this.  Spencer Finch did not paint a scene of planes hitting the twin towers or the grief and panic on peoples faces. No, his thought was far more complex.  He remembered the clear blue sky, the fall deep blue crisp sky on that day….a beautiful day by all accounts, so many people remarked on that.  Who would expect such a horrible event to take place on such an absolutely gorgeous day?  So Finch created a mural assigning a hue of blue to each of the 3,000 victims of that day the sky was so beautiful.  It speaks of contrast of beauty and violence, of peace and war, of life and death.  In this single concept the artists has captured the complexity of the moment…joy and grief, laughter and tears…all from the myriad of hues of blue on what was a stunning fall day.  To the sky we looked, the planes came out of no where, to the sky we look and the ashes fell of thousands of lives, to the sky we look for hope of a better tomorrow.  A remarkable monument to the families and to a country that was changed forever on that day.
"From a distance, in the museum’s soaring subterranean space, which is clad mostly in concrete and aluminum, Mr. Finch’s work looks as if it could be a decorative stone mosaic. But as the viewer approaches, it becomes clear that the color is simply watercolor paint on unframed paper, hung on a wire armature like children’s artwork at a school fair or, more so, like themissing-person notices that papered the city after Sept. 11. The work, which surrounds an inscription in steel taken from Virgil’s “Aeneid,” also brings to mind the reams of office paper that floated over the city on the day of the attacks, some of it drifting as far as Mr. Finch’s studio near the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn.
Over several weeks in the late winter, Mr. Finch, 51 — whose work often focuses on the interrelationships of light, color and memory, operating in a territory somewhere between poetry and science — mixed subtly varied shades of blue and, day after day, painted the papers, managing to complete as many as 150 on a good day." Randy Kennedy, Art and Design


I think there is much we have not learned yet about our world.  I think there is much we assume is fact, that is not.  I think we often belittle people who dare to think differently.  Many scientist and artists have been persecuted as witches and the like, for their ideas, beliefs and concepts. Newton, Galileo, and Leonardo da Vinci for a start.  Some were imprisoned, others humiliated and shamed. Perhaps they are just ahead of their time and perhaps society cannot accept vision and change…or things not commonly understood.   
Watch these two films below, the first on water and emotion and the second on how plants may feel emotion.

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