Friday, November 1, 2013

Better Out than In

Banksy                               from google for educational purposes only

According to Associated Press an original landscape painting that once was at a thrift shop was bought by an unknown person and then returned to the thrift store with a little change, an added figure of a Nazi sitting on a bench.  Banksy announced this was his work on a social media account.  The thrift shop (Home Works which supports Hiv/Aids organizations) decided to auction off the picture.  Recently  the closing bid was for $615,000-the starting price was $74,000!
I find Banksy creative, interesting and fun.  All artists know how the art world can be at certain levels-art critics can be too full of themselves and some galleries too haughty with airs of snobbery.  Beginning and emerging artist find it almost impossible to show in NYC  galleries or in other large art centers in the world.  Keith Haring and Jenny Holtzer had to find innovative and creative ways to get the art worlds attention.  In some ways it is not a new problem, the Impressionist and many other movements found it hard to be taken seriously by the art status quo of the day and many other art movements before them.  But graffiti art is a unique in guerrilla war fair of the arts that is played out in the streets.  Banksy is especially mercurial, showing up in one city or another, eluding the police, and finding a never ending method of delivering his art and his views.  I just can't help but admire the Trickster in Banksy!

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