Friday, August 8, 2014



Sounds like a group that just works with clay, maybe a summer program, but nothing could be further from the truth.  I remember years ago running into two young social workers who had a dream of starting an arts organization for mentally and physically challenged kids and adults.  I thought it was interesting, but thought these two girls aren't art teachers and they will needs grants and money to even get a start at all this.  A couple of years later I ran into Grace Ann Alfiero and Danielle Despathy Rottenberg again and to my great surprise that had the organization going, funding starting and a space! From there it grew and grew.  These two young women were recognized nationally for their efforts.   Now many years later the organization still exists, and new people are in charge, but the heart of the organization has never changed and what those two  young social workers achieved will alway be a wonder to me and perhaps to them too.  They should be very proud of what they funded and that the group still provides and invaluable service for St. Petersburg.   Recently our wonderful St. Petersburg Fine Art Museum formed a partnership with Creative Clay to display the work of the artists.  It is a fantastic move by the Museum to include these artists in their gift shop and have an open house for them as well. There are other cities that may have a similar program, but this is one superb group.  Also two of my artists friends have been very involved with these artists.  Thank you David Bewley and Rose Marie Prins.  I have bought these artists work at the center studio, and I highly advice if you support special children and adults you buy their works as well!!!  If you click on Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg above, it will take you to the link.  Then click on gift shop and start buying!!!

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