Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Addendum info on Vietnam war and art information

Vietnam Combat Artists Program

For those of you interested in this series on art and war this is a link to the Vietnam Combat artist program that will acquaint you with more art work and artists from that time, at least from the American perspective. 

Vietnam War Art                from google for educational purposes only               artist unknown
if anyone does know this artist I would like to give him credit

One other group we want to look closely in the next posts  is the photo journalists who risk their lives along with the soldiers photographing this war.   The Vietnam War started an important movement for photo journalist in the field with the soldier documenting what war is like.  With new technology photo journalists could give more perspective to the world what was going on on the ground.  The war was carried on tv almost live and a weekly event was the body bag count, how many of our servicemen were lost that week and how many enemy did we kill.  When the Iraq war came along photojournalist were assigned units to be embed with.  It seemed like a novel approach for the news, but ended up being a grand manipulation by the government at that time.

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